Recommendation for Steve Tapper and Audie Bridges


I am writing to salute Steve Tapper and Audie Bridges for the
splendid, sold-out performance they gave us last week here at the Somerville
Museum, and to recommend them without reservation for other engagements.

The SRO crowd was wholly delighted and moved by this rare music
which both touches the heart and radiates technical command. Steve and Audie
are both artists and craftsmen, composers and performers of the highest
order whose mastery of technique is put at the service of emotional and
spiritual expression. I found their performance and their connection with
the audience inspired and inspiring, truly captivating. This is music which
lifts the spirit, engages the heart, and will hold the interest of any music
lover, from the neophyte to the professional.

This was a first for this small community museum, our first jazz
concert, our first album release event. And it was a huge success! We
brought in more new faces to the Museum that evening than we had in a month.
And these were people who promised to return and to being their friends. We
were delighted not only with the number of people who came but also with how
they helped us reach new audiences in our own community.

I heartily recommend Steve and Audie to concert producers at
museums, community cultural centers, colleges -- wherever people gather for
the best in artistic entertainment. And in addition to their artistry, they
are a pleasure to work with. These are musicians you will want to have back,
again and again. We plan to.

Carole Friedman
Executive Director
Somerville Museum (Somerville, MA)
June 26, 1989

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