Recommendations for Steve Tapper and Audie Bridges


Thank you for making our son's Bar Mitzvah reception so special. You
masterfully created a Shabbat mood and joy filled the whole space.
These are just a few of the compliments from our guests: "I feel like I'm
in Israel"; "We feel the presence of the Shabbat Queen"; "The joy and the
spirit are in the air"; "You've found the best musicians in Boston". Your
dance program was beautiful and looked as one piece when our dear
friend Angela was leading the Israeli dancing. Please accept our deepest
words of gratitude and appreciation.

Sonia and Leo Mirkin
10/95 Lexington, MA

Before the small cushion of air beneath my feet vanishes, I want to thank
you formally for your role in creating a memorable musical experience for
Emily's Bat Mitzvah reception.
As you recall, we had selected an all-Jewish repertoire as a
compromise, in the likely event of my father's death. Miraculously, he
recovered and made it to the Bat Mitzvah. How glad we all are that he could
be with us, and how glad we are also that we made that musical choice--the
reason notwithstanding!
From the outset, you were intrigued and encouraging of what we asked
of you: to combine our wish for beautiful music as a notable backdrop for
conversation with Emily's wish for DJ-style games and contests, and to add
some Israeli folk-dance instruction to the mix--all within the
Judaic/Israeli parameter.
What a wonderful combination it was! Both of you, along with the
Middle-Eastern percussionist, provided music for the thirstiest of souls.
From the hauntingly beautiful "Lichi Lach", which you polished just for us,
to the more exuberant pieces, you BEAUTIFUL music accented and contributed
to the mood of our reception. The adults were appreciative of the decibel
level, overwhelmed by your musical talents (including the professional
musicians among us(, and positively astounded by the fact that the needs of
the adults and children could be so well met.
While the kids enjoyed the music, they loved the games (which may
have seemed even more entertaining, since the Jewish music lent novelty to
them), and those who participated in the dancing though Angela was
"awesome". What better compliment is there from a thirteen-year old!
Our overarching goal was to create an atmosphere of warmth and joy,
without schmaltz and loudness. Your versatility, flexibility, attention to
detail, and musicianship made that all possible. We would be delighted to
join your unofficial public relations staff!

Alice Melnikoff & Joe Newberg
3/97 Belmont, MA

We would like to thank you for making our wedding a great party. You music
was perfect. Each side of our now eclectic family appreciated the ethnic
music. We also really appreciate all the time and effect you put in to come
up with the perfect sets. We feel that this went well beyond the contracted
obligations. Each was wonderful. To quote one of Leslie's cousins, "Not bad
for Yankees!", a TRUE COMPLIMENT coming from an authority of reggae and
calypso. If we put on another party of that magnitude, you will be first on
our list for music.

Ruth and Leslie
7/92 Beverly, MA

P.S. Please share this letter with EVERYONE!

I want to thank you for the wonderful job you and the band did for our son
Mark's Bar Mitzvah reception last month. Our aim in planning the event was
to create a warm and informal atmosphere for guests to have fun, without
letting this get disorganized. Your music helped accomplish that goal
I've never been one for the traditional
applaud" kind of reception. We had guests from a wide variety of religious
backgrounds, and so we wanted to mix Jewish, popular, and rock music. You
showed a great flexibility and breadth of material in meeting our needs,
from traditional Jewish songs we could clap and dance to, to '60's rock and
roll that brought many of our guests back to high school and college days.
I thought you did a great job on my personal favorite, Jethro Tulls'
music. Several of our guests remarked later that they instantly recognized
the tunes, but had not heard them in years. And by going "mobile", you were
able to provide nice background music in the main hall for the luncheon and
The paper airplane contest was nicely complemented by the special
music you played as well, from the Air Force theme to "Mission Impossible".
People got a kick out of the experience, and the music contributed to the
humorous, playful mood.
I'll bet you won't get asked to play such a wide variety of songs
again soon at a Bar Mitzvah, but here's one client to testify you do it with
class! Thanks for being such a pleasure to work with!

Michael Kornblum
12/ 94 Natick, MA

Susan and I want to thank you for helping to make the luncheon event such a
success following Sarah's Bat Mitzvah.
The music was wonderful and set the mood perfectly for the initial
reception, the candle lighting, and the luncheon itself. It was important to
create an atmosphere that encouraged friendly conversation yet captured the
special nature of the day, and the music you and Audie chose did both.
I also appreciate the assist you provided in enhancing the audio and
music for the video presentation I made of Sarah's life. A large screen and
large room needed room-filling sound, and you made that possible, smoothing
out the rough edges to the audio track at the same time.
We have now used you as a 4-piece dance band for Mark, and as a duo
for Sarah. I'm happy with both memories. You're a pleasure to work with, and
a real professional. I look forward to you new CD!

Mike Kornblum
5/99 Natick, MA

On November 29, 1993, Steve Tapper and Audie Bridges performed at our
wedding. They began the afternoon with the processional, and then danced us
late in the evening.
They played an amazing variety of music throughout the evening,
ranging from traditional Jewish to folk to popular music. Their choice of
songs uniquely captured and blended with the changing moods of the celebration.
In addition to being outstanding musicians, they were consummate
professionals at all times. This was evident in the careful planning
sessions we had regarding the style of music, and in the way they took our
change of venue and time, completely in stride.
We would recommend Tapper and Bridges to any individual or
organization, for virtually any type of celebration or event. In fact, since
the wedding, the two most frequent comments about the evening are those
regarding the delicious food and the terrific music!
Steve and Audie were a very special part of our wedding day. They
made it even more beautiful.

Sarah Frankel-Bermel and Guy Bermel
12/22/93 Storrs, CT

So glad we found you! Nate and I thank you for providing the beautiful
processional music and the wonderful dance music for our daughter
Lisa's wedding. We originally selected you because of the classical sound
of your flute and guitar duo - so beautiful! Even before the rhythm
section started playing, we kept getting comments about how great the
music sounded. All evening long you played an excellent selection of
dance music. We also appreciated your accompanying the "family
We will be happy to recommend you. Thank you for all the
beautiful music.

Beverly Wald
5/96 Randolph, MA

Just want to tell you how much I appreciated your music all through
Sonja's Bat Mitzvah celebration. Your willingness to learn "Miriam's
Song" was much appreciated by us all. The dancing music was festive
and joyful - your quiet songs were lovely background for conversation. I
so enjoy your jazz compositions, too.
Also, when you had begun to dismantle your set-up and you saw
that we needed music, you were so kind to play just what we needed
during that awkward pause when we were close to ending the party.
Best of luck in your writing and playing. Please give any future
customers my name for a reference

Joyce Krensky
2/95 Newton, MA

Thank you for your participation in our Simcha yesterday. Your music
was the ideal enhancement for our Bridal luncheon. Our guests were
delighted and impressed with your musical talents as well as your
selections, and from their compliments and comments, they felt that your
departure was much too early.
We look forward to calling on you to entertain for future Simchas.
Once again, our sincere appreciation and thanks.

Shirley and Charles Richmond
7/96 Hingham, MA

I'm so glad that you're going to be playing for us - the more groups we
listened to, the more your music stood out!

Holly Simons
Wellesley, MA

Last Saturday was everything we dreamed it would be. Thank you for
making that dream a reality. We've received many compliments on the
music specifically as well as on the warmth and tone of the reception to
which you contributed so much. Some of my friends also noted what
nice people you and Audie are which certainly meant a lot to me at such
a special time. Thanks for suggesting Brian (DJ), he was great, Sara was
thrilled, and we were able to enjoy your music.

Holly Simons
5/94 Wellesley, MA

Thinking back on our Bar Mitzvah celebration last Saturday, I can't
resist writing to thank you for your beautiful music and cooperation in
planning for the afternoon. Everyone I spoke to said they enjoyed the
music and only wished they could be closer or able to listen without
Certainly your talents as musicians and your willingness to
accommodate our needs contributed to the overall sense of a wonderful
Joel Litvin
9/94 Newton, MA

My only disappointment in Nina'a wedding weekend is that I couldn't
hear ALL of the lovely music you provided prior to the wedding
ceremony. What I did hear was wonderful and a series of guests thanked
ME for what YOU did - one of the ironies of being a performer, I guess!

Diana Levenson
8/97 Cambridge, MA

ANSWERING MESSAGE LEFT IN OCTOBER 1998, regarding Bar Mitzvah in June 1998.

Steve... Hi!... It's Bob Levenson. For no apparent reason, I haven't called
to thank you about the job you did back in June and for no apparent reason,
I'm just calling you tonight , 'cause I just wanted to tell you (that) you
were really terrific. Everybody said "Where did you get these guys?...They
were wonderful..a great band!"

You were great. Your performance is a class act and adds to any occasion a
touch of elegance. Thank you for serenading our guests at our son's Bar
Mitzvah. The sound was better than I imagined.

Karen Goldblatt
2/98 Wilmington, MA

Just a note to say THANK YOU for making our Saturday night gathering so
special. The music you played was just perfect!Everyone commented on how
wonderful the music was. My uncle was in7th heaven - I've never seen him
so quiet for an entire evening! (He LOVED the tape.)
In addition to great music, the 2 of you are great people. It was a
pleasure to have both of you in our home.
Let us know when your CD comes out. Reserve one in our name!
With appreciation,

Andrea, Mark, and Erica Lavender-Popovsky
11/98  Sharon, MA

Thank you so very much for your special contribution to Beka's Bat Mitzvah
celebration. Your professionalism is apparent, but so are you kindness and
concern for your audience. The musicians among your guests were impressed by
your versatility and improvisations. The rest of us simply reveled in the
beauty of the sounds that ebbed and flowed and seemed to reflect perfectly
the mood of the party.
Please know how much we appreciate the super job you did!

Esther Fortess
10/95 West Newton, MA

Thank you very much for the wonderful music on Sean and Melissa's wedding
day. Our guests were thrilled. One of our guests is a musician with the
Boston Pops Orchestra and she was most complimentary.

Edith Dockery
8/93 Randolph, MA

Thank you for the beautiful music at Lisa's Bar Mitzvah luncheon yesterday.
You set the right atmosphere - allowing celebration and conversation at the
same time. The music was perfect for both background and dancing.
I know our guests enjoyed your playing as much as our family did. I
would be happy to recommend you to anyone who is interested.

Eva R. Radding
11/98 Newton Highlands, MA

I'm not sure I properly thanked you on Sunday night and told you how much I
liked your music. You set the exact tone I was hoping for. I'm glad you
suggested (my friend) Lisa to sing with you as it added a special personal
touch for me.

Nancy Karp
6/92 Boston, MA

Simchat Torah was truly enjoyable in large part to your music. Be well and
warmest good wishes.

Rabbi Maurice Weisenberg
Congregation Agudath Achim
10/99 Taunton, MA

I thought you and Audie played wonderful music Friday night. I enjoyed it,
and I am getting used to singing with you. Have sweet Pesach.

Rabbi Maurice Weisenberg
Congregation Agudath Achim
3/96 Taunton, MA

Thank you for your thoughtful planning, preparation, and performance of the
music at our Martin Luther King Service on Sunday June 18. It was
outstanding and really was vehicle for understanding the spirit of the day.
Thanks too for bringing yourself so fully to the service.

Deb Cayer, Minister
Unitarian Church of Sharon
1/98 Sharon, MA

I am writing this letter to make sure you know how much we appreciated your
playing at our wedding. I am aware that you made a special effort to attend
our wedding during the blizzard of '93. We thank you for your special effort.
What is even more remarkable is the quality of the music you both
produced! It was excellent. There were many guests who commented
specifically on the quality of your music. Everyone at the wedding enjoyed
themselves.You, Steve and Audie, contributed significantly to their enjoyment.
Thank you and the very best in the future.

Terri and Bernie Greisman
3/93 Worcester, MA

Just a note to thank you for your beautiful melodic contribution to Elissa's
Bar Mitzvah. (We hope that you have "thawed out" by now - we certainly
didn't expect a blustery winter wind that morning!) Your timely notes and
your magnificent song added to the service and we are grateful for your
talents, spirits, and contributions to this day in our lives.

Nancy and Paul Cohen
6/87 Newton, MA

We enthusiastically recommend Steve and Audie; they are not only talented
artists who love what they do, but also experienced and versatile
professionals of the highest caliber.
Steve and Audie provided the music at our outdoor wedding and they
could not have been better! During our ceremony the performed beautiful
original pieces, while smoothly accommodating themselves to the very
non-traditional (and to some extent impromptu) circumstances. During the
reception my wife and I barely needed to communicate with them - they
anticipated our every need before we did. Throughout the day their warm,
subtle music contributed to a mood of cheerful grace and ease.
If you are looking for a small musical group, you will be
hard-pressed to find musicians in the same league with these folks. Their
repertoire is vast and varied, their performance is inspired, and they are
very easy to do business with. We hope you enjoy their music as much as we
all did!

Scott Cronenweth and Rebecca Lovejoy
9/96 Arlington, MA

Thank you so much for making our party in honor of daughter Lisa's Bat
Mitzvah on May 29. 2994 such a special one. Your wonderful music kept our
guests dancing all night! Your sound was superb and many compliments were heard.
A special thank you to both of you for your creativity and
flexibility in working so hard to help us with our special theme. We know
many hours were spent in finding the music, transcribing and playing is so
beautifully in order that my daughter and her friends could do the special
Israeli dances they have been learning.
Please send our appreciation to your very talented violin, bass and
percussion experts. They also made our day a success.
Once again, thank you for making our party so special. The guests
literally did not want to leave!

Ronna Finer-Berman
5/94 Sharon, MA

I am writing to express my appreciation for the very special music
you and Audie Bridges provided as a flute and guitar duo during the
reception held before dinner at my parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary, and
for the versatile manner in which you both switched to electric instruments,
arranging for a drummer and a vocalist to join you, and continued to
entertain later in the evening with dance music. Your attention to details
and technical knowledge in setting up a high quality sound system
appropriate for the size of the hall ahead of time had already left me
assured that your performances would be top notch when the guests arrived,
and we were not disappointed. Your willingness to accommodate my requests
for songs that were my parents' favorites - from country, jazz, big band,
and pop fifties music, interspersed with pieces from every decade up through
the nineties to please guests of all ages, is evidence of your wide
repertoire. In addition to all of this, your graciousness in backing up two
of my sons who play bass guitar as surprise entertainment for their
grandparents was super! Thanks to you, the musicians and the music made my
parents' anniversary a truly memorable occasion! It is with great pleasure
that I recommend your talented and creative presentation of music as
spectacular entertainment, customized to make any event unique.

Alice Earle
6/97 Canton, MA

My husband an I want to express our thanks and gratitude for the music which
you provided for our 50th wedding anniversary celebration. It more than met
our expectations and wishes.
You music spoke elegantly and eloquently to the occasion and it set
the atmosphere which we were trying to achieve. We wanted informal beauty
and that is exactly what you gave us. Many of our family and guests told us
how much they enjoyed your music and how lovely it was for this type of
occasion. Your choice of selections could not have been better.
You are both very accomplished musicians and this was also very
evident in the music which you have created for us.
My most sincere thanks for your part in what was a remarkable day
for us and our family. Please feel free to use us as references.

Ruth Silen
6/97 Weston, MA

Thank you for your contribution to our wonderful Bat Mitzvah celebration on
Saturday. Your talents did not go unnoticed by our guests, who were most
grateful for your pleasing sound, which also allowed for friends to visit
without shouting. I was most impressed by your versatility, providing music
to satisfy the varying members of our party, and on such short notice. Your
incredible work on the flute did not escape Stephanie's notice, as she seems
to be practicing more these days! Again, thank you so much for your
fantastic performance.

Eileen Feldman
12/96 Framingham, MA

On behalf of the parents and faculty of Ecole Bilingue, I wish to extend our
gratitude for your performance at our annual "Soiree Gastronomique."
The event is an annual benefit for the Ecole Bilingue. We are a
French and American school that provides children and their families with a
unique bicultural and bilingual education. The event is supported in part by
Julia Child, the French Consular General, Air France, and several prominent
Boston restaurants.
The diversity of your music was ideal for the event. Many of our
guests and sponsors expressed their appreciation of your performance.Several
guest commented in particular on the French classical pieces, which I know
you took extra time to arrange and practice especially for this occasion.
The evening was a great success, and your performance was an
important part of that success. You both have a wonderful gift, and I would
like to thank you once again for sharing it with us.

Janice Hunter
Ecole Bilingue
4/91 Arlington, MA

Your music is absolutely wonderful and all our guests agreed. Thank you so
much for adding elegance and style to our wedding.

Lee and Alan Prodouz
Easton, MA

Just a quick note of thanks for you and Audie for playing at our wedding. We
were very pleased with the ceremony and reception.We'll be sure to recommend
you in the future to our friends who need performance artists.

Allison and Loren Shapiro
Medford, MA

Erika and I wanted to write to thank you for all that you did to contribute
to the success of our wedding. Your music added a specialness that we will
long remember.

Rhonda Bourne and Erika Waly
Waltham, MA

Just want to say thank you for your wonderfil music on April 19th. We were
absolutely thrilled, as were our guests. You helped to create a wonderfully
relaxed and intimate environment - which was what we were hoping the evening
would be. Again, thanks for being there.

Arlene and Lou Bello
Sharon, MA

Thank you so much for role in making our wedding ceremony so special. The
music was lovely - the selections and your renditions of them couldn't have
been nicer. And you even braved the mosquitos! We appreciate it all.
Warm regards,

Natalie Engler and Myron Mentis
7/96 Cambridge, MA

Just a quick note to thank you again for helping our party to be as
wonderful as it was! We all enjoyed your music so much. I have sent your
tape to my parents, and plan to give them your Jewish music for Hannukah -
they loved it so much!
Sorry for the initial confusion we had because of all the museum
"music". It is funny looking back! But I think your sounds helped mellow all
the play noise.
Thank you again for everything. We'll do this again in three years!

Jody Harris
9/97 Acton, MA

You were great! The music you played was just perfect! Thanks for helping to
make Seth's Bar Mitzvah so special.

Marian Novick Gorenstein
4/00 Needham, MA

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