Pick of the Week: "Tapper, Bridges on Tap at Lifeskills"
by John Lehman
The Patriot Ledger (Quincy, MA) December 5, 1991

A holiday concert with a different sound will be played tomorrow
night at the Lifeskills Healing Arts Center in Hanover. Flutist Steve Tapper
and guitarist Audie Bridges are a duo whose music is more interesting and
vigorous than the general run of New Age music - or indeed, of most
holiday-flavored pop.
On a pair of albums, "Simple Gifts" and "Island Dance", they've
displayed a gentle but lively sound, underpinned with a firm, jazzy sense of
rhythm and expanded by adventuresome musical ideas.
They draw their themes and stylistic influences from folk,
classical, jazz, and Caribbean music - the closest comparison I can think of
is a simpler Paul Winter Consort, but with more of a beat.
Their version of the Shaker hymn "Simple Gifts" on the album of the
same name is harmonically intriguing and subtly propulsive. Other tunes
include traditional Christmas music and several originals composed in the
same spirit.
For tomorrow night's concert, Tapper and Bridges will be joined by
percussionist Bob Weiner, who specializes in world music styles and includes
authentic South American and Middle Eastern instruments in his kit.
The concert is at 8 p.m. The Lifeskills Center is on Routes 53 and
139 in Hanover, near the North River bridge. Tickets are $10, for
information call 826-7350.

December 12, 1991
Dear Steve and Audie,

Thank you for the excellent concert that you presented here last Friday.
Your music was pure, clear and wonderful! It seemed that your sequencing of
selections, balancing your originals with traditional music enhanced the
appreciation of both. The audience commented repeatedly about your
compositions "Inside Passage" and "Sunrise".

It was also a pleasure to enjoy the center through all of your eyes/senses!
Let's consider the possibility of another concert, perhaps on a Saturday or
Sunday afternoon. In the meantime, thanks again for a wonderful presentation!

Alexa Buter
Lifeskills Healing Arts Center

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