An Article about Tapper and Bridges

Bands Play On...
by Joseph Mont
South Shore Business Journal -3/92

With the recession and skyrocketing cost of weddings, fewer traditional wedding bands are making a go of it. Although five-or-seven-piece wedding bands, fronted by middle-aged guys in bright pink tuxedos, will probably always be here in one form or another, many are turning to more economical forms of entertainment. Versatility and originality are buzzwords in the reception business...
Steve Tapper and Audie Bridges provide a more refined alternative to Paula Abdul and the Digital Underground. the two, a flute and guitar duo, pride themselves on being able to play anything from jazz to classical to popular.
"Background music you can stop and listen to", is how Tapper, a Stoughton native, describes their music.
Tapper said the duo, which can be expanded to a trio, quartet, or quintent on request, offer a "versatile combination." They have played everything from ethnic folk music to show tunes.
"We can handle something unusual," Tapper said. "Everything can be done with a flute and guitar."
"Instead of playing the same thing over and over, each wedding has its own identity because of ethnic background and tastes."
Case in point: for and upcoming wedding with a bridegroom from the West Endies, they will be playing calypso, reggae, swing, and Klezmer arrangements.
It's really nice to get into this and give people what they really want," Tapper said. "It is extra special to not just be filling a generic role."
Tapper said that while some large bands are failing, they are succeeding because they have lower overhead costs and are flexible. They band can be expanded and they have even offered a package deal with a DJ for the customer who wants both relaxing jazz and high-octane dance music.
"I think we have succeeded because we can perform as a duo and give
people really classy music. Our overall goal is to play music that is
classy, but doesn't go over people's heads."

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